The Future Today

Personally, I’ve never really wanted to be Tom Cruise – with the exception of two moments.  The first was when he was rocketing around in an F-14 Tomcat in Top Gun.  The second was when he got to play with that really cool interface in Minority Report (and yes, I’m aware that this makes me… Continue reading The Future Today

Visualizing Information

A little over a week ago I attended Edward Tufte‘s day-long course on how to visualize information.  What follows is a chronological summary of what he presented; the course consists of a series of infographics along with running commentary. The first infographic was actually an animation: the Music Animation Machine‘s rendering of Chopin’s Berceuse, opus… Continue reading Visualizing Information

Survivors of the Massacre

A few years ago I saw the movie Dig! – a documentary about the difference between two Portland bands: the Dandy Warhols and the Brian Jonestown Massacre.  It was a gripping, yet ultimately tragic tale – the Dandy’s go on to success while the highly talented frontman of the BJM, Anton Newcombe, self-destructs any time… Continue reading Survivors of the Massacre