Great Stories From Hip-Hop

I recently finished Can’t Stop Won’t Stop , Jeff Chang‘s history of hip-hop music. The writing is of variable quality, but the book’s a phenomenal read because the stories are just so damn strong. I’m not going to review the book here (Amazon does a great job) – and hey, you should read it yourself… Continue reading Great Stories From Hip-Hop

Finally, A Great 21st Century Hip Hop Song

I love hip hop. Actually, let me qualify that – I like hip hop that tells a story, preferably with a heavy slice of social commentary. The best hip hop songs let us into a world that we otherwise would never see or provide some social commentary that let us see society in a different… Continue reading Finally, A Great 21st Century Hip Hop Song

Off the Hook in Red Hook

DJ Premier.  DJ Scratch.  They’re two of the biggest hip hop dj’s of all time (Note: if you have no interest in this, skip this post).  Between them they’ve over forty years of experience (in an art form that’s maybe 30 years old) and have produced more hit records and created more unique beats than… Continue reading Off the Hook in Red Hook