What Are The Odds

Check out the following image:   It’s a screen shot from GMail of my buddy and I emailing each other.  Randomly, we both happened to email each other at almost exactly the same time to see if the other wanted to go see a movie.  Kind of a bizarre “Shining” thing going on.  Would love… Continue reading What Are The Odds

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From my iPhone

This post is coming at you from my iPhone. It’s amazing: you download an app and seconds later you’re blogging. I really feel like I’m holding the future in my hand (check put how you can take a photo and include it in the post). I’ll blog more about this when I get a chance,… Continue reading From my iPhone

Rolling The Dice

Glaxo Smithkline has a problem.  It’s not creating enough blockbuster drugs.  Its share price lives and dies by its ability to create the next Avandia.  It’s a tough process as it takes, on average, 90 months (that’s 7 years!) and $802 million to get a drug to market (that includes the cost of all the failed… Continue reading Rolling The Dice

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The View from Afar

Check out this video NASA has made of the moon orbiting the Earth.  It’s taken from 31 million miles away and will hopefully help scientists identify planets in other solar systems that might be similar to Earth. Here’s a screen grab from the movie showing the moon over Africa: