A Different Way Of Comparing Canada & America

Since I’ve come back to Canada, I find myself continually (even subconsciously) comparing it with the US. I’ve noticed that while Canada is roughly 1/10th the size of the States, it feels like it’s way less complicated (and sophisticated). This also worries me, as I wonder how we’ll continue to compete in a more networked,… Continue reading A Different Way Of Comparing Canada & America

I’ll Be Renting

So in a few months I’ll be moving to Canada. And renting. For a long time. Possibly until I’m 40. And I’m not ashamed of it. Given that so many people consider owning a house a measure of their identity and worth, why am I not interested in buying one? Basically I think Canada’s real… Continue reading I’ll Be Renting

Cascading to Failure

So, unless you live under a rock, you heard that yesterday, at 2:45 pm, the stock market dropped like a rock: We don’t know why this yet happened, but there are two likely culprits – and neither should make you happy. The first hypothesis is that this mini-crash was caused by ‘fat fingers’ – an… Continue reading Cascading to Failure

Rethinking Inflation

I either didn’t exist, or was way to young to remember it, but the ‘7os were tough economic times.  The reason: inflation.  Prices were quickly going up, and when this happens faster than the economy grows, your standard of living drops.  Here are some quick charts from the Berkeley Econ dep’t: It took Paul Volcker… Continue reading Rethinking Inflation