Unanticipated Consequences

I’m always fascinated by the unanticipated side effects of people’s actions.  Here’s an interesting one related to housing. Housing has definitely started the current economic crisis – but no surprises there; it’s just simply people taking on too much debt.  However, it might make it worse than other crises.  Why?  Well, when people buy houses,… Continue reading Unanticipated Consequences

Rolling The Dice

Glaxo Smithkline has a problem.  It’s not creating enough blockbuster drugs.  Its share price lives and dies by its ability to create the next Avandia.  It’s a tough process as it takes, on average, 90 months (that’s 7 years!) and $802 million to get a drug to market (that includes the cost of all the failed… Continue reading Rolling The Dice

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