The Sunday Sauce

Several years ago I had the pleasure of living in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. One of the neighbourhood locals was Frankies Spuntino (yes, plural, not possessive). The place was a rose-tinted glasses celebration of the Italian-American experience and a fantastic place to eat a hearty meal. When they release a cookbook, I quickly bought it. However,… Continue reading The Sunday Sauce

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Wen and I just wrapped up an eight day whirlwind tour of Uzbekistan. It was four cities, over a thousand kilometers of driving, one desert, countless mosques, madrasahs and mausoleums and more mud bricks than you can possibly imagine. 1. We started our journey is Tashkent. This city was first rebuilt by the Czar who,… Continue reading Uzbekistan

Balinese Food

I took a Balinese cooking class to try to learn a bit more about the food here. All the food is based upon one key sauce called basa gede or “basic spice paste”. From this paste, you can make a myriad of dishes. Here’s an overview of what’s in the sauce: 25 shallots or 2… Continue reading Balinese Food