The Manhattan Project

A friend of mine recently sent me a link to a set of vintage cocktail books. I wanted to trace the history of the Manhattan because it is easily my favorite drink. Wikipedia suggests the drink may have been invented as early as 1860. However, there’s no mention of the Manhattan in early cocktail manuals… Continue reading The Manhattan Project

Revoltingly Delicious

The other day I was exploring Little Saigon and found myself in a grocery store where I discovered this: Yes, durian is now available as jam. And it’s not your everyday breakfast experience. When you open the jar, it’s hard not to gag as a whiff of durian greets you. It’s like someone let something… Continue reading Revoltingly Delicious

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When Architects Open Cafes

An architect bought the building and put his practice on the upper levels and built a cafe below. Worth a visit if only to see the rare building where an architect actually operates out of a building they designed.

The Sunday Sauce

Several years ago I had the pleasure of living in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. One of the neighbourhood locals was Frankies Spuntino (yes, plural, not possessive). The place was a rose-tinted glasses celebration of the Italian-American experience and a fantastic place to eat a hearty meal. When they release a cookbook, I quickly bought it. However,… Continue reading The Sunday Sauce

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Pizzeria Farina

A few months back I found myself running along Main Street in early evening and noticed that a new pizza shop had opened. Except that it was closed. They’d run out of dough. The business guy in me was furious. How could you run out of dough? That’s your damn job as a pizzeria –… Continue reading Pizzeria Farina