Hong Kong Notes

1. Hong Kong is a ridiculously busy city. It is packed with people. Despite having a population of only ~1/4 Tokyo, it has a mere fraction of the usable space. It’s a city built on mountains ringed by seas and as a result, there are people everywhere: 2. I’m guessing that the population of Hong… Continue reading Hong Kong Notes

Hong Kong: City for Sale

Hong Kong – and especially Kowloon – is a city of markets. You can buy almost anything. There’s a flower district… …a bird market… …and a fish market. In fact, you can go down to the local food market and the butcher will sell you pieces of an animal that you didn’t even know you… Continue reading Hong Kong: City for Sale

Kowloon Street Signs

One of the unique features of Hong Kong – and Kowloon (where we stayed) in particular – are the street signs. They’re ubiquitous and they hang over the streets, offering each store’s wares. You can almost think of them as parasites that anchor on the sides of buildings and try to drown out the sky… Continue reading Kowloon Street Signs