New York Alki

I just finished Ryan Boudinot’s Blueprints of the Afterlife. It’s one of the most original and convoluted stories I’ve read in recent years; like David Mitchell meets William Gibson. There are some beautiful sentences lurking in this story: Like a rivulet of suffering feeding into the tributary, this new source of sad humanity bled from… Continue reading New York Alki

The Tower

A popular trope in modern fiction is the dystopic tower: a skyscraper that becomes its own self-government and slips into chaos. The building-a symbol of the future-becomes a trap for all those living in it and a blight on civilization. JG Ballard wrote one the seminal book with High Rise. The last two years have… Continue reading The Tower

When Architects Open Cafes

An architect bought the building and put his practice on the upper levels and built a cafe below. Worth a visit if only to see the rare building where an architect actually operates out of a building they designed.