Istanbul. The chaos of 13 million lives. A city bursting at the seams and simultaneously thriving. A place where you cannot escape over 2,000 years of history – nor would you want to. Where the East literally meets the West but it feels more like modern meets ancient. A fantastic place to spend a few… Continue reading Istanbul

I’ll Be Renting

So in a few months I’ll be moving to Canada. And renting. For a long time. Possibly until I’m 40. And I’m not ashamed of it. Given that so many people consider owning a house a measure of their identity and worth, why am I not interested in buying one? Basically I think Canada’s real… Continue reading I’ll Be Renting

Unanticipated Consequences

I’m always fascinated by the unanticipated side effects of people’s actions.  Here’s an interesting one related to housing. Housing has definitely started the current economic crisis – but no surprises there; it’s just simply people taking on too much debt.  However, it might make it worse than other crises.  Why?  Well, when people buy houses,… Continue reading Unanticipated Consequences