Hunting for King Tides

If you stay almost anywhere on the coast in Washington, it’s likely that your place may have a cryptic sign saying “Beach Logs Kill:” This is not the name of a bad band, rather a warning that 99% of the time seems unnecessary. Usually the beach logs are high above the highest tide line and… Continue reading Hunting for King Tides

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Ye Great Storm of 2010

It’s been snowing for over 24 hours now in NYC, so I thought I’d post some photos.  If I had cross-country skis, I could have probably skied to work today. Here are some shots of snowy Carroll Gardens: This is the intersection of Union and Clinton; it would normally be awash in taxis, school buses… Continue reading Ye Great Storm of 2010

Damn Cold

A few weeks back it was abnormally cold here in NYC (global warming has made us wimps) and my friend Richard and I were speculating where the coldest livable place was.  Richard, being from South Africa, thought that perhaps Duluth, MN was the coldest place on Earth.  I countered with Iqualuit, Nunavut.  Much colder. However,… Continue reading Damn Cold