Connecting to the Real World

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at NYC Resistor making my own Arduino (technically a Freeduino) microcontroller.  Say what?  That basically means that I spent the day soldering together a bunch of pieces of electronics that let me connect my computer to the physical world. Here’s what the darn thing looks like: The best way to… Continue reading Connecting to the Real World

Timestamps in Django

I’ve recently been playing around with the Django web framework (all non-techies should stop reading this at once).  Here’s a little snippet of code that’s useful if you want to add a timestamp to a model you’re creating: from datetime import datetime class My_Model(models.Model): date_created = models.DateTimeField() date_modified = models.DateTimeField() def save(self): if self.date_created ==… Continue reading Timestamps in Django

The Future of the Web

It’s pretty much impossible to predict the future – particularly for something as fast moving as the Internet.  However, as part of Mozilla’s Concept Series, Adaptive Path has created a few videos (bonus: watch ’em in HD) on what the future of the browser might be. Essentially, the browser is the web – and your… Continue reading The Future of the Web