Sydney’s Unique (Architectural) Style

Sydney has its own style – of architecture that is.  This post is going to be about architecture-I’ll save a bitchy Mr. Blackwell-style rant on some of the bad fashion I’ve seen here for later. It’s not just monuments like the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, rather there are a few neighbourhoods with a… Continue reading Sydney’s Unique (Architectural) Style

Australia: Land of Colour

One of the things that has surprised me about Australia is how colourful it is (the land, not the people – I expected that).  In particular, the flowers are incredible.  I have yet to see a Golden Wattle (national flower) or a Waratah (New South Wales’ state flower), but I’ve definitely seen a lot of… Continue reading Australia: Land of Colour

The Great Dane

Wendy and I are currently in Australia visiting her parents who live on Sydney’s Manly beach.  The easiest way to get to Manly from downtown is via the ferry – which happens to give you a phenomenal view of the Sydney Opera House.  Sadly, just after we got here we learned that John Utzon, the… Continue reading The Great Dane

The Bluewater Classic

Today we hiked up to the Sydney’s North Head to catch the start of the 2008 Bluewater Classic – the annual Sydney to Hobart race.  It’s quite an experience to watch; over 500,000 people line the harbour to watch the start.  Here’s a shot of the starting line: Sydney’s harbour is such that the boats… Continue reading The Bluewater Classic