Various Aussie Thoughts

So Wen and I are about to head home from Australia, but before we leave, here are a few thing I’ve noticed/been ruminating over for the past few days. 1 Australians love the sea.  In fact, Sydney isn’t so much a city as it is a collection of neighbourhoods located around the water.  However, the… Continue reading Various Aussie Thoughts

Sydney’s Unique (Architectural) Style

Sydney has its own style – of architecture that is.  This post is going to be about architecture-I’ll save a bitchy Mr. Blackwell-style rant on some of the bad fashion I’ve seen here for later. It’s not just monuments like the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, rather there are a few neighbourhoods with a… Continue reading Sydney’s Unique (Architectural) Style

Australia: Land of Colour

One of the things that has surprised me about Australia is how colourful it is (the land, not the people – I expected that).  In particular, the flowers are incredible.  I have yet to see a Golden Wattle (national flower) or a Waratah (New South Wales’ state flower), but I’ve definitely seen a lot of… Continue reading Australia: Land of Colour