All Day in the Cafe

Another surprising pleasure in Australia was their cafe culture.  The country is dotted with cafes and it’s almost impossible to find a block without one. The national coffee ‘dish’ is the flat white.  It’s like a latte but with less froth on the top (and good luck ordering one in NYC, except maybe at Ruby’s). … Continue reading All Day in the Cafe

Australia: The Food

One of the surprising pleasures of our trip to Australia was how incredible the food was.  Here are a couple of things we noticed: Quality of Ingredients The Aussies have incredibly high quality food, particularly produce.  Check this out: That’s fresh ginger and each piece at the grocery was the size of a coconut.  All… Continue reading Australia: The Food

Various Aussie Thoughts

So Wen and I are about to head home from Australia, but before we leave, here are a few thing I’ve noticed/been ruminating over for the past few days. 1 Australians love the sea.  In fact, Sydney isn’t so much a city as it is a collection of neighbourhoods located around the water.  However, the… Continue reading Various Aussie Thoughts