Why I Love American Psycho

I’ve always loved Bret Easton Ellis‘ American Psycho. Loved the book (even though any chapter titled Girls is almost impossible to read). Loved the movie; even staying in one Friday night to watch it on tv. But I’ve never been able to properly explain why. Despite being the best social satire to emerge in the last… Continue reading Why I Love American Psycho

My Favourite Vancouver Hidden Gem

In the alley between 7th & 8th, next to Laurel, is one of my favourite spots in Vancouver. Somehow, a fir tree grows in the alley, almost smack in the middle of it. How it escaped being cut down I have no idea.

Guo Fengyi @ Contemporary Art Gallery

Guo Fengyi, a Chinese artist who passed away in 2010, is not a well-known artist, to the point that she does not even have a Wikipedia entry. This is completely undeserved and hopefully will be rectified after her recent exhibit at Vancouver’s Contemporary Art Gallery. Born in 1942, she spent most of her life not creating… Continue reading Guo Fengyi @ Contemporary Art Gallery