A Real Case

About 18 months ago I created a little display that could showcase art I found on the internet. I was happy with the ability to see art but the case I built for the display was terrible. In a matter of weeks the legs fell off and I realized I had a terrible design. Over… Continue reading A Real Case

Art at Home

For me, one of the paradoxes of the digital age has been that the more ubiquitous things are, the less I feel like I engage in them. If feels like there’s just so much and I have so little time and attention. One example of this are my photos. As I write this, I have… Continue reading Art at Home

Guo Fengyi @ Contemporary Art Gallery

Guo Fengyi, a Chinese artist who passed away in 2010, is not a well-known artist, to the point that she does not even have a Wikipedia entry. This is completely undeserved and hopefully will be rectified after her recent exhibit at Vancouver’s Contemporary Art Gallery. Born in 1942, she spent most of her life not creating… Continue reading Guo Fengyi @ Contemporary Art Gallery