Wen and I have spent the past few days in Semporna. It’s on the eastern tip of Sabah (Borneo) and, for most people, is a gateway to the diving on Malbu and Sipadan Islands. We didn’t get our act together for Sipadan (only 120 people get to dive per day; you either go with a… Continue reading Semporna

Borneo Notes

1. If the 20th century was the decade of the automobile, the 21st century is going to be the decade of the cell phone (yes, there were cell phones in the 20th century, but penetration tipped in the 21st. There were also cars in the late 19th century, but mass production didn’t come around until… Continue reading Borneo Notes

Maliau Basin

1. 15 million years ago a roughly circular plot of land in Borneo, about 390 square kilometers in size and 25 kilometers wide, was pushed more than a kilometer above it’s surroundings. Shortly (at least in geological terms) thereafter, the middle and southern parts of the circle began to collapse, creating a network of ridges… Continue reading Maliau Basin

Gulung Mulu National Park

1. The flight into Mulu National Park in Borneo is unique. You take off from Miri, are given a drinking box of Milo and 15 minutes later you find yourself landing. In that brief time you see jungle being destroyed to make palm plantations that are so big you can probably see them from space,… Continue reading Gulung Mulu National Park

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