Brooklyn Walk

Wen and I went for a huge walk around Brooklyn today. In honor of a recent NY Times article on Crown Heights, we decided to wander over and check out the historic district (PDF). It – plus surrounding Bed Stuy – are a truly unique area and well worth a visit; here are some photos.… Continue reading Brooklyn Walk

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Ah, Another Beautiful Sunset

It’s Friday evening and the sun is slipping westward.  Once again Wen and I are being treated to a spectacular sunset.  This is definitely one of the most positive unintended consequences of our move to Brooklyn…

Borough Food

A recent New York Times article inspired a weekend visit to Brooklyn’s Carroll Gardens in search of good food – and what a trip it was.  I’m sitting on my couch feeling like a sated pig, so here’s a list of places to check out: Stinky Brooklyn 261 Smith St Meat.  Cheese. Repeat.  I bought some… Continue reading Borough Food