Borough Food

A recent New York Times article inspired a weekend visit to Brooklyn’s Carroll Gardens in search of good food – and what a trip it was.  I’m sitting on my couch feeling like a sated pig, so here’s a list of places to check out: Stinky Brooklyn 261 Smith St Meat.  Cheese. Repeat.  I bought some… Continue reading Borough Food

Milkfrothing 101

Three weeks ago it was pulling espresso shots; this week it’s learning how to properly froth milk.  That’s right, today I took a one hour course on how to froth milk.  Every morning I make two lattes (that’s over 700 per year!), so I figured that it makes sense to learn how to make them… Continue reading Milkfrothing 101

The Perfect Pull

So today Richard and I took coffee lessons (Espresso Fundamentals) at Joe.  It was a quick class on how to pull the perfect espresso shot.  I’m hoping my morning lattes will now get a lot better. In addition to learning how to make a great shot, I learned a fair bit about espresso.  For instance,… Continue reading The Perfect Pull

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All Day in the Cafe

Another surprising pleasure in Australia was their cafe culture.  The country is dotted with cafes and it’s almost impossible to find a block without one. The national coffee ‘dish’ is the flat white.  It’s like a latte but with less froth on the top (and good luck ordering one in NYC, except maybe at Ruby’s). … Continue reading All Day in the Cafe