The China Fall?

The past few years have been a fascinating time to watch China’s mighty rise. However, the notion that they’re going to become the most powerful nation in the world over the next few years has always seemed ridiculous to me. Recently I’ve noticed quite a few signs that suggest I’m not alone. A few weeks… Continue reading The China Fall?

Same Same But Different

You wouldn’t think that young Chinese and Americans have too much in common, but two recent news articles suggest that they might. The first article talks about Millennials in America entering the workforce: Millennials want more vacation and time for themselves away from the job than young people did 30 years ago, and they also… Continue reading Same Same But Different

Can Someone Please Explain This To Me?

I was too young to appreciate the beautifully-lucid-yet-logically-untenable propaganda dreamed up by apparatchiks in the Soviet Union, but, fortunately, China is the new Russia.  Check out some quotes from the China Global Times’ response to the U.S. asking for freedom of info on the web: The hard fact that Clinton has failed to highlight in… Continue reading Can Someone Please Explain This To Me?