Wrapping Up India

1. We’ve spend the last few days skulking eastwards from Rajasthan towards Delhi. This has given us a chance to see all sorts of little towns that most people won’t see as they don’t have enough time. This is one of the little joys of India: the density of history is so high that there… Continue reading Wrapping Up India

Southern Rajasthan

1. What a difference a day makes. We went to Mandu on a Saturday without booking a room. When we got there, there wasn’t a single hotel room available. We had two options: a) Drive to a town 40 kilometers away in the wrong direction from our next destination b) Stay at the dorm rooms… Continue reading Southern Rajasthan

Central & Western India

1. Traveling in India, like so much of this country, is able to simultaneously embody both the best and worst of the world. For example, India is one of the last places on Earth where flying is truly enjoyable. The (private) airlines here are ruthlessly efficient with almost obsequiously polite staff. New world-class airports are… Continue reading Central & Western India

Southern India

1. Whenever traveling gets really bad, I like to pretend I’m describing the situation to a friend. I think how, once this is all over, I’ll look back and laugh at what’s going on and realize that it wasn’t so bad. It also helps me imagine just how bad it could get and realize what’s… Continue reading Southern India