What’s Getting Backed on Kickstarter: Technology Edition

I’m a huge Kickstarter fanboy. The creativity that they’ve unleashed is mind-boggling and embodies exactly what the Internet is capable of. The projects I’ve backed tend to skew tech-heavy and I recently wondered if there were any identifiable trends as to what sort of tech projects get backed. I hear all the time about companies that… Continue reading What’s Getting Backed on Kickstarter: Technology Edition

Transient City

If you follow this blog, you’ll know that we launched UncoverYourCity to help people better understand New York.  Here’s another example of interesting things we can learn about the city by playing with the data. Let’s say you wanted to see the relationship between people renting and their household income.   A few things emerge here:… Continue reading Transient City

Healthy Things

I’m always amazed by what correlates with education.  The latest statistic I’ve learned about is regular exercise.  It appears that the less education you have, the more likely you are just to laze around: This data comes from the CDC and is technically the percentage of adults aged >25 years who reported regular leisure-time physical… Continue reading Healthy Things

Fun With Stats

I know it’s almost impossible to have fun with stats (I’ve sat through many a boring stats course over the years), but a recent event reminded me of how misleading some statistics and analyses are – most notably anything involving  time series and percentages.  There’s a small library of books on how to lie with… Continue reading Fun With Stats