Requiem for a city

There’s a fantastic article in Vanity Fair on One Hyde Park. It’s the most expensive residential building on earth and a metaphor for a new London. Here are some great quotes: “Knightsbridge is an un-English activity,” says York. “The former gratin [upper crust], a combination of old toffs, Knightsbridge Americans who wanted to be old… Continue reading Requiem for a city

Down & Out on the DTES

I’ve been in Vancouver for a while now and one of the things I am simultaneously ambivalent towards and shocked by is the Downtown East Side. The neighbourhood is a whirlpool that attracts broken people from across Canada (and I don’t mean “broken” as an insult; the horrors that these people have faced are arguably… Continue reading Down & Out on the DTES

Van Dusen Trip

Last weekend Wen, Cam & I went to Van Dusen Gardens. It’s easily one of my favourite places in Vancouver to explore and relax. They’ve an incredible selection of plants; check out the photos below for a sample. [nggallery id=1]

Pizzeria Farina

A few months back I found myself running along Main Street in early evening and noticed that a new pizza shop had opened. Except that it was closed. They’d run out of dough. The business guy in me was furious. How could you run out of dough? That’s your damn job as a pizzeria –… Continue reading Pizzeria Farina

The Jade Seafood Restaurant

Jade. Seafood. Restaurant. The name sounds like a cliche of a Chinese restaurant. All that’s missing is the phrase “golden dragon” and it could have been created by a magic eight ball. The premises don’t look promising either. A low-slung building combining the best of concrete and stucco; scraggly weeds grow unrepentantly. Entering into the… Continue reading The Jade Seafood Restaurant