Crushing on LED Art

A weekend visit to the Vancouver Art Gallery has got me crushing on Jim Campbell and his LED art. All of his works are a trompe l’oeil of sorts; he uses blinking LEDs to create the illusion of motion. If you stare at one LED it appears to blink chaotically; it’s only in the context… Continue reading Crushing on LED Art

Treasures from the Tokyo National Museum

One of the stereotypes of the Japanese has been that they don’t so much as ‘create’ things as take an original idea from somewhere else and then continuously improve on it until it is perfected. Exhibits A, B & C: the car industry (American and German), consumer electronics (American) and ramen noodles (originally Chinese). Perhaps… Continue reading Treasures from the Tokyo National Museum

The Sixth Borough

Today Wen and I went to Governors Island (yes, that’s no apostrophe). It’s a unique place: picture a combination of old Coast Guard base, now abandoned; an ancient fort, fantastic views of the city and lots of art. Moreover, the future of the island is still being debated, but you can be sure that it… Continue reading The Sixth Borough