Rude Ink

Yesteday Wen and I saw an exhibit at STUX Gallery featuring the work of the Dutch artist Ruud van Empel.  van Empel has a unique technique: he take dozens or hundreds of digital photographs, superimposes them into one impossible photo and then supersaturates the image so that it appears to jump off the page.  Here’s a… Continue reading Rude Ink


Just down the street from us is Madison Square Park.  It’s a lovely little park that is surrounded by heritage buildings (Flatiron, Met Life, New York Life) and is home to the Shake Shack.  It’s also notable as one of the few sites in the city that promote public art.  In 2007, they featured sculptures… Continue reading Conjecture

Best Photos of 2008

If you know me, you know that I love taking photos.  Since I’ve wasted a lot of people’s time by making them pause to take photos, I thought I’d share some of my best shots from 2008.  Here they are in roughly chronological order.  Note that WordPress seems to be doing some sort of horizontal… Continue reading Best Photos of 2008

New York Daze

Sometimes New York pulses with an energy unlike any other city I’ve seen.  Today has been one of those days. Wendy and I got up this morning and went to our local cafe, Le Bergamote, for the best ham & cheese croissants in town.  The place was packed and the weather outside was furious –… Continue reading New York Daze

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