Tokyo – Day 3

We’re starting to get a feel for this city – although by no means do we understand it. Two themes are emerging. First, Japan is a nation of nerds. Japan’s love of ritual and too high population density seem to have led to people being obsessed with ‘the best’. People express themselves by dressing to… Continue reading Tokyo – Day 3


Today Mike, Sarah, Wen and I went to ComicCon 2009.   Why, you ask are four people with an average age north of 30 going to a comic book convention?  Easy – this is one of the greatest subcultures out there and it’s incredible to experience.  Where else can you get arrested by storm troopers…… Continue reading ComicCon

Rude Ink

Yesteday Wen and I saw an exhibit at STUX Gallery featuring the work of the Dutch artist Ruud van Empel.  van Empel has a unique technique: he take dozens or hundreds of digital photographs, superimposes them into one impossible photo and then supersaturates the image so that it appears to jump off the page.  Here’s a… Continue reading Rude Ink