Japan in Focus

Japan is sensory overload. It’s people and colour and sound everywhere. Sometimes the only way Wen and I could handle it was to try and take it out of focus:

City of the Sublime

When you pull into Kyoto, you could be forgiven for naively thinking that it’s just another industrial Japanese city. However, the city is actually full of some of the most incredible castles, temple and shrine you’ll ever see. You can turn corners and find yourself face to face with some of the largest wooden buildings… Continue reading City of the Sublime

More Great Japanese Food

One of the things I love about traveling is the opportunity to sample great food. We’ve been having some great experiences in Japan. Soba The Koru-mon Noodle House is a tiny little shack in Shinjuku. They specialize in soba noodles; try the “machine gun” for a slightly spicier dipping sauce: Monjayaki Monjayaki is a variation… Continue reading More Great Japanese Food

Land O’ Engineers

Japan is really proud of it’s industrial heritage and engineering skills. It’s on display everywhere. You can’t go through any town without seeing a warren of bridges and canals and elevated highways: Construction sites also have to happen on a massive scale and surround themselves with a bit of mystique: There are even ads for… Continue reading Land O’ Engineers

Repetition is the Key to…

One thing I’ve noticed about Japan is a love of repeating things/motifs. It’s everywhere as you’ll see from the photos below. Wen made an interesting comment – in a society where individualism is frowned upon, maybe this is how it’s displayed in design. Whether that’s true or not, it’s a great visual effect: