In my opinion, one of the greatest innovations of the past five years is how location has become a part of everyday life.  Google Maps or its equivalent has become a standard tool in many people’s life.  When you’re looking for directions, a place, etc. you simply call it up; no more guessing where you… Continue reading Maptastic

I Know I Run Fast, But…

I pride myself on being a quick runner, but this is ridiculous.  Wen and I were using my iPhone to navigate from New York back to Ottawa, courtesy of Google maps.  They were kind enough to give us a lot of options: by car, by bus or by foot.  I was interested in how long… Continue reading I Know I Run Fast, But…

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Subway Mapping

Last week Google added subway lines to the list of items that it shows in Google Maps for NYC.  What’s neat about this is that we can now plot where the subway lines are in the real world vs. where they appear on the MTA subway map: A couple of themes emerge: Manhattan is ridiculously… Continue reading Subway Mapping