Envisioning New York

Today I went out to Flushing with my buddy Rich to get some great dumplings/Szechuan food (that’s another post).  On the way back, I made him stop at the Queens Museum of Art to see the Panorama of New York.  For those who have no idea, the Panorama is a life-size, 100% accurate replica of… Continue reading Envisioning New York

Healthy Things

I’m always amazed by what correlates with education.  The latest statistic I’ve learned about is regular exercise.  It appears that the less education you have, the more likely you are just to laze around: This data comes from the CDC and is technically the percentage of adults aged >25 years who reported regular leisure-time physical… Continue reading Healthy Things

Maybe Not The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread?

Pretty much ever since I’ve entered the workforce, the company to beat has been Google.  They routinely turn up as the most respected/feared/innovative company out there.  They grow by leaps and bounds and suck the best talent up across the world.  They inspire fear, loathing, envy, jealousy and just about every other emotion possible under… Continue reading Maybe Not The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread?

The Future of the Web

It’s pretty much impossible to predict the future – particularly for something as fast moving as the Internet.  However, as part of Mozilla’s Concept Series, Adaptive Path has created a few videos (bonus: watch ’em in HD) on what the future of the browser might be. Essentially, the browser is the web – and your… Continue reading The Future of the Web

From my iPhone

This post is coming at you from my iPhone. It’s amazing: you download an app and seconds later you’re blogging. I really feel like I’m holding the future in my hand (check put how you can take a photo and include it in the post). I’ll blog more about this when I get a chance,… Continue reading From my iPhone