My Old Blog

I used to have a blog hosted via a .mac account. It was a terrible blogging platform, so I switched to a self-hosted Wordpress solution. All that remains are these old posts:

Great Promo

Beyond the Funhouse

Bad Boards

Two Experiments

Name Your Price

Worst. Service. Ever.

Right Time & Place

Surfacing Soon Near You

Oh, Facebook!

The Original

Getting Ahead of the Curve

What are the Odds

Now I Get It


Don't Believe Your Own Hype

Made me Laugh

Cherry Blossom Festival

Advertising from Space

The Art Industrial Complex

Understanding America

Let the Red Ribbon Flow

A New Spring In China


Three New Artists

Heft & Worth

Unanticipated Pleasures


Blogging is Back

Silent Revolution

Pyongyang's White Elephant

The Long Term View

Barking Up The Right Tree

Japanese Granite Emporium

Blue Bird Days

Department of High Irony


Domo Arigato, We Are Otaku

It's Official: Porsche Is Not A Car Compay

Lego Randomness

Fall In NYC

Gigapixel Photography



The Price Of Peace

41st - Oh, Wait...

A Light Visit

Impact of Design

Dangerous Dogma

That's A Lot of Paper

New Favourite Artist

Living the Digital Life

Together At Last

Art By Geeks

Don't Call Them A Store

It Came From Outer Space

More Like Lead Than Silver...

Cut & Paste

Platforms, Platforms, Everywhere

No Logos

My Latest Theory

Reinterpreting The City


In Space No One Can Hear You Scream

Beautifying The Banal

Bigger Than The Pentagon

Da Funk

2300 = 1960?


Next Floor, Good Design

Accidental Discovery

Bafascinating Biology

If Only The City Was Like This...

A Better Way To Play

Bringing The Street To Rural Scotland

Nothing Exceeds Like Excess

Pret A Papier

Self-Sustaining Luxury

Why I Love My Neighbourhood, Part II

For The Love Of God...

History Repeats Itself

5,000 Year Old Dinosaurs

A Different Way To See The World

Apples And Other Fruites

Why I Love My Neighbourhood

Whole Foods For Tots

Russia's Full Metal Jacket

A Perfect Six

Useful But Never Built

Urban Rural Tension

Trouble In Virtual Paradise

The Most Polluted Place In America

Beyond Suprematism

I Need To Go To The UAE

Making Complexity Simple

Start The 2020 Kuujjuaq Olympic Campaign

I Want This Desk

Anaheim, Orlando, Paris, Tokyo & ...Beijing

What Makes A Hero?

Mad Science

Just Before Marlboro Country

I'm Published... In Switzerland

100 Year Old Modernisme

Yes Virginia, There Is A Mountain On The East Coast

Crossing The Street

Hooked On Red Hook

Roadmap To Today

Google, Meet Sudan

Yet Another Art Day

Early Inspiration

The Long And Winding Road

Robert Moses - Scoundrel Or Seraph?

When Did You Hear Of The Internet?

West 23rd - 7 Blocks

Powers Of 10

Google Rules

Death Of Fortran

Beauty In Industry

Dear Leader Did What?

Wicked Wit Of The Past

London Jaunt

Now I'm Never Leaving The House

New Creatures On The Beach

In Honour Of The Year Of The Pig

The Start Of A Revolution

Do What The Furniture Says

More Dangerous Than Bird Flu

Island Of The Future

Depress Yourself

What A Way To Buy A Car

When's The Trane Leave?

Best Postcard From Burlington Ontario

Visual Learning


Better Living Through Building

Another Art Day

Brings A Tear To My Eye

Must've Called His Stylist A Barber

Where'd The Money Go?

Greatest Canadian You've Never Heard Of

Principled Design

Stone Cold Soul

Turkeys And Monkeys

Low-Cost, Somnabulent Entertainment

Deja Vu 2

A Laser For Every Man

Good Story, Bad Reporting

My Adidas

Picture This

Art Day

New Buildings In The Hood

Big Ad For A Small Car

Kozy Apartment

God Bless America

Sheerly Scathing Satire

Sarcasm Isn't Dead

Chocolate Love

Deja Vu

World's Smallest Mechanics

Great Free Tunes

I Resolve To...

Happy New Year!

Greatest Canadian I've Never Heard Of

Jargon Watch


Last Thoughts From India

Great Prose Poems

Snatching Victory From The Jaws Of Defeat

Camel Jockeying

850 Year Old City

50 Hours

Too Good Not To Share


Calcutta Day 3

Calcutta Day 2

Calcutta: First Impressions

Apocryphal But Fun

Seymour Feldstein

Perfect Pets

Cap City: Land O' Successful Geeks

Beautiful And Useless

Where Have You Been All My Life?

Osama Bin Lindsay, Part II

The Noose And The Cane

Down And Out After The In-N-Out

NYC Vs. SF In Winner-Takes-All Art Death Match

Osama Bin Lindsay

The Wedding Was A Blur

Uh, I Think You Spelled "Idea" Wrong

It's Christmas Again

World's Weirdest Subway Ad

Under The Radar

African Gangsters!

What A Week!

The Best Picture I Ever Took...

A Great Way To Kill 5 Days...

London Called

You Can't Read This In China

The Thin Line Between Genius And Crank

Le Grand Palais

Luxurious Italy


Musee D'Orsay

The Leadership Mystique

Not Quite Random Foolishness

Perfect Hip Hop Music